It all started with breath. My journey to committing to movement as my therapy and service began when breath was all I had to survive a tough period (whether its the hours of labour in the delivery room or weeks to months of unsettling emotions). Intentful respiration that seemingly mimic the rhythm of prayer is […]

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Fall Nostalgia

or something like that. I never lived in a place where there are four seasons but autumn is my favorite so far. (I haven’t really experienced proper spring – I guess i did back in Beijing, when which I didn’t exactly plan to set agenda around floral foliage).

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It’s raining again Errands have to be done No sunlight to watch wane More fun plans to abandon Jan 7, 2021

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Jan 6, 2021 90% of LMH’s toys and books are gifted. Even her crib, stroller and baby carriers are hand me downs. This wooden alphabet card set is something I’ve been searching for and did so for quite sometime. It’s more for me really 😬 (as I’ll be the one facilitating, I wanted us to […]

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Jan 5, 2021 My Littlemisshia is quite a parrot nowadays (since she turned 1 last Oct, ’20). Her mirroring skills are refining each day. Her reflections of us are a huge learning opportunities we didn’t expect but welcomed nonetheless. It’s funny how she can not understand reason yet and how far behind we are as […]

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Lychee Day

Jan 4, 2021 I love all days from December. It’s the time of the year when the light softens. The glow extends to till early February. That allows me to bask in the year that was somehow. No matter how bad it had been.

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caught in www

Jan 3, 2021 Today I was just thinking a lot about my relationship with social media: flexing vs expressing marketing vs sharing withholding vs communicating creating vs consuming Most often, I can smell what is scripted and choreographed in my feed, yet I get tugged by it. And I scroll even more, extending and exacerbating […]

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Jan 1, 2021 Visuals and pins from today. sans description, just us. Like every start of the year, let’s face this like any other day – choosing push that restart button (as many times as we wish and as often as we can keep sanity intact) even if it means quitting midway.

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10 months Postpartum

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow. There is no excuses for all of my disappointments. And I hear the echoes of criticisms I whisper. Despite that, finding my voice has been hard since birthing S. But not myself. I stayed close to who I am so she can hold on to someone who is more than her […]

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Week of Eats

This week is about the highlight meals we have been making at home (more often than we intended to). I may blame staying at home more nowadays, but these are just good to prepare right in our kitchen at any given day.

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Stuck at struggleville

I was looking back at the first week being back at Pilates, and I see it as something I can consider as an official start to postpartum recovery. One that is more active and that is geared towards getting back to the pre-pregnancy “normal”.  And it is a real struggle. Much like the difficulty in […]

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Week of Puttering

Here’s a look into what my typical week looks like. Fitness wise, any exercise or substantial steps within the day makes me happy, so I’d take any chance to do more by cycling any or a segment or two of my usual routes. I’m clocking in an undeniably a bad sum of sporadic, rather pathetic […]

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Back to the drawing board. Gotta start somewhere. And that somewhere is a time. And that time is now, my dear self. It’s a journal. Video journal For cheese sake . I know that I just have to acknowledge one viewer, that’s all. That’s not so hard, isn’t it. So i’m checking in with my […]

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Holding tea cup

Big Plans

I admit that I am having a ton of these quiet alone times at home now that quarantine is the law. Will have to release a slew of thoughts soon. Just organizing my thoughts and visual board for the moment

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rut without the treadmill

Three major workout situations I just want to highlight here: Workout Craving 1: Cycling And the nights when roads and park connectors are paving way for my whim to fly under the stars and swoosh by city lights.  Gaaah! Workout Craving 2: Yoga Deep backbends and folds One of the many things I am so […]

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falter then float

right now, i see a myriad of streams from the bank I trudge. they lead to opposing directions ending in the different waterfalls. i am staying right where i stand. prancing back and forth within my vicinity of fluvial safety. until i’m thirsty. until i’m motile enough to body surf. until i can sink and […]

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Felinergy on Spotify

Follow my blog with Bloglovin  Gone Too Far by Dragonette It’s Gonna Rain by Bonnie Pink Malemolencia by Céu Level Tools by Yoke Lore, ANIMA! Bohemian Dances by the Do You by the Lastlings Alaska by Maggie Rogers Second Nature by Stalking Gia Seventeen by Sjowgren Liar by Dragonette The Walk by Imogen Heap […]

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mint soda rum

hot afternoon gulp

[dropcap style=”no-background”] [/dropcap]It’s been a hot afternoon, on an early January monday. To cure my yearning for ever-absent winter, I helped myself to a shy ounce of rum, cola topped with a slice of too-ripened lemon and some mint sprigs.

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Project Reset 2018-2019

The past month was a little slow for me trying to reset some things. I can say I’ll be taking it even slower till the year ends. But, I wanted to make a pace change for this channel, doing this a lil’ faster for some things that I wanted to share. All in the name […]

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Calm oh mind doing work and high on cup of inspiration

An Invitation

I invite you, to come along with me and try different ways to find or create a workable set of activities that you can do to alleviate or replace overthinking, restlessness or just grasping that tiny little period of productivity. And sustain it. If you are into the arts, that’s perfect. If you are in […]

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A Big Yet Blurry Picture

Do you catch the definitive moments of serenity?  The sort that keeps your senses heightened for longer or activates an awareness of the present. I don’t.  It probably happens sporadically but I’m pretty sure I have dismissed it as a “respite”, a “pause” or even a plain instance of “boredom”. Equally bored with etymologies as […]

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