right now, i see a myriad of streams from the bank I trudge. they lead to opposing directions ending in the different waterfalls.

i am staying right where i stand. prancing back and forth within my vicinity of fluvial safety.

until i’m thirsty. until i’m motile enough to body surf. until i can sink and swim interchangeably. until these all become a need to be in the water and go-with-the-flow.

-6th August 2019

Project Reset: Re-pivoting for 2019 – Wardrobe Overhaul Part 2

In summary of the capsule building: • Got rid of clothes that are beyond repair (from 100+ pieces) • Took photos of what I have left • Got some new ones to incorporate with the base numbers • Organized into palettes • And digitalized wardrobe for ready access Previously on episode one, I addressed a […]

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Book Review: Headspace by Andy Puddicombe   

Title: Headspace Author: Andy Puddicombe Main Plot or Message: Headspace, like its application name, is a book that started the modern meditation movement. Headspace as popularly known is a term as mental state combining words “head” and “space” Headspace is described by Puddicombe as “lying sense of peace, a feeling of fulfillment or unshakeable contentment, […]

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