It all started with breath. My journey to committing to movement as my therapy and service began when breath was all I had to survive a tough period (whether its the hours of labour in the delivery room or weeks to months of unsettling emotions). Intentful respiration that seemingly mimic the rhythm of prayer is what got me through. It took time for me to notice it, but I am glad I see it clearly now: where life begins and persists – through breath, we pivot back to center and reset as needed.

Sharing the most amazing thing I appreciate in doing pilates – Breathwork. It’s a whole new game in doing pretty much anything. From doing house chores, running errands or reading a book this way of breating will not only help you in movement but also in life. By breathing in through the nose as deeply as we can, we are sending air to the back of our ribcage and all the way to sides – therefore filling our lungs more oxygen and with that much to exhale, we clear carbon dioxide more widely. On the exhale out, we engage the core and extend the travel path of the breath. This encourages the activation of abdominal muscles while breathing.

Hope you try these out!

  • Breathing Flex Forward
  • Lying Down
  • Using a Prop

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