Jan 3, 2021

Today I was just thinking a lot about my relationship with social media:

  • flexing vs expressing
  • marketing vs sharing
  • withholding vs communicating
  • creating vs consuming

Most often, I can smell what is scripted and choreographed in my feed, yet I get tugged by it. And I scroll even more, extending and exacerbating my exposure which then leads to presumption that what the algorithm suggests as “cool” is I should “follow” or “replicate”. And that brews for a little bit and it’s a rabbit hole of a cycle. This will be followed by the episode of “I consider myself lucky for being too lazy to bother and end up forgetting what I’ve seen in the first place.” Then it’s “oh geez, did I just waste hours contemplating on getting that vase and deciding not to because it’s too trendy?” And it’s this nauseating pattern that really pulls me out of the good galaxies (they call it communities) that do exist in social media. I’m still building my rocket to fly there. Good luck and enjoy putting up your space ship! (whether it is to park in your yard or to launch in 2022)

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