With a huge bump along extra kilos of weight to carry around, not a whole lot is “allowed” to be done during workouts (although they barely pass as cardio). Some stretches are a big no-no and exercising on your back is an absolute restriction.

So here we are, admitting defeat and picking up running shoes to do my least favorite outdoor jolt: walking.

Nike Shoes
walking shoes

Seriously missing some retail therapy at the moment. Gone are the online shopping days where I just have to bother with one browsing filter; Price: Low to High in every e-commerce site I entrusted my CC security code with. I wasn’t keen on buying maternity clothes, either.

The best accessory acquisition is these strength bands. They never fail to make me feel weak and unfit. And that’s comparable to buying what fashion world calls a “statement” piece – well the sort that inadvertently sends a message of self-disservice.

I’m working on really “owning” them though. Then, maybe, I can reason out purchasing proper dumbbells. Then, that’s a perpetuation of self-punishment cycle is ensured.

workout accessories
mat, heart rate monitor, bands

Now on my third private session of introductory pilates. And all that sciency digs into Rael Isacowitz’s books are now paying off. My back still hurts, my right shoulder is stiffer than ever, but like anything else, patience (and having the right amount of it to perfect the breathing in every move) is the only thing I can count on for delivering tangible results.

Here’s to a few more months of cramping, backpain and small muscle recruitments that causes existential debate inside my already bemused pregnancy brain.

non-slip socks

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