Three major workout situations I just want to highlight here:

Cycling on a hot day

Workout Craving 1: Cycling

And the nights when roads and park connectors are paving way for my whim to fly under the stars and swoosh by city lights.  Gaaah!

Yoga splits

Workout Craving 2: Yoga Deep backbends and folds

One of the many things I am so looking forward to do once I get the green light to wallow in…For now, some gentle prenatal yoga and occasional frontal splits could do the cramp-prone legs and stiff hips a favor.

Wahoo Heart Rate monitor and Workout Band
Wahoo HRM, workout band & mat

Current Workout Fave 3: Modified Strength Session: 

I have been tracking reps for a couple of my favorite moves that I never use to do at all: squats and sideplank.



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