Having a pause from intermittent fasting, I started having breakfast right after waking up and being hungrier than ever, they needed to be ready fast.


I have these steel cut oats that I found really long to soften. Took me about 3 hours for it really cook through and mush to my liking, so I set it aside as it’s not doing the instant magic on me on mornings that I really need some fast and easy fuel. Not letting it go to waste, I ended up grinding them for recipes that require “oat flour” or just finer version of rolled ones to serve as filler.

In the almond flour and oatmeal recipe below, it didn’t really require grinding the oats to make the pancakes happen. You can find the recipe here.

Pancakes with Berries
Less white flour pancakes with berries

Ciabatta Toasts

I usually follow the Italian lass‘s recipe if I wanted my ciabatta a little crispier and when I don’t mind waiting a day before the actual baking.

But you could find a quicker alternative (that cuts the process to 3-6 hours) here.

For toasts, I really like them in both savory and sweet profiles. Because they are ready to eat, I can enjoy them both ways within a week.


All Bran Cereals
all bran cereals in almond milk

Specifically, Bran.

I tasted it years before and shook my head immediately. Good thing I only had a sample and not bought a whole box! It would have been a waste. Just couldn’t imagine it ruining the smooth and silky texture of my oatmeal in milk and freshly sliced mango. Fast-forward to 2 months ago, it became my lifesaver. P**-movement-saver 💩, more like. While constipation in pregnancy is a common issue, I haven’t really joined in the global conversation (although I have had problems in this department before pregnancy).  As common an issue are the solutions available out there for me to try.

And here we are with this (still) unpalatable yet effective option.  I am specifically using Kellog’s Original variant.  Do look out for it and fret not, a picture proof of my ultimate remedy is all there is. Definitely no to tmi on this topic 🙅🏻‍♀️.


What’s a better way to start the day than an with an easy Yogurt cup!
Well, that would be a pumped Yogurt Chia Pudding that is pre-made the night before.

While that sounds something I would say with vehemence, the idea of any “nutritious” accompaniment to a plain yogurt bores me. I get all the superfood hype – having experienced prolonged fullness, uplifted mood and suppressed junk cravings, trust that I do. But, it’s probably the oh-so-clean and good-for-you factors that kill the possibility of a more vibrant relationship with some produce.

In the case of chia seeds, I was introduced to it through a villainous, unnecessarily sweet muffin. It broke the texture of a regular muffin and that was enough to pique my curiosity. Never mind the superfood status, I totally bought in the seedy crunch and gelatinous sprouted states duality.

Yogurt and Chia Pudding


Well, there’s BA’s 59 ways to make an egg. And I only utilize the most boring method in order to adhere to all the pregnancy no-nos (no trace of rawness please!) and meet my nutritional requirement at the same time.

What’s good about these neutral tasting proteins-and-fat staple is limitless you can go with side dishes. What I do more often is throw in some fridge clear out candidates and I got an amazing frittata.

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