Last time, I shared my study reconfiguration as a part of the reset project for 2019.

Now I’ll go through the changes I made on the health aspect.

The transformation started more than a year now. And it was a slow progression from there. It started on December of 2017, when a realization that I kept denying for years finally kicked in:

I snacked way too much.

I was eating meals at least 5 times a day, and snacking in between. Totalling to about 8-10 mindless meals. (Big or small). It didn’t matter whether I was eating something healthy or not, the frequency of feeding was too often that it led to a terrible food addiction and oral fixation.

I was getting hangry all the time.

To nobody’s surprise, the imminent came.  Bloating that lasted for weeks.

This dire state of despair pushed me to rummage the web for quick solutions I could try right away.

How do I get rid of bloating fast

“What relieves bloating quickly”

“How do you debloat in 24hours”

“How do you cure a bloated stomach”

The answers were just as swift to load on my search page. But I soon realized I wasn’t looking for just a quick fix.  I knew I was dealing with something major and it requires an equally significant revamp.  And so the search mutated to an almost unrecognizable query I never thought to ask the internet (by now I’ve become a desperate patient asking an unlicensed, not even breathing, doctor):

What is wrong with my digestion?

Naturally, a bunch of answers came up.  And one in particular, piqued this indolent searcher’s interest:  Intermittent fasting.

Without further ado:

  • I dived straight into fasting for 16 hours and having the rest of 8 hours as feeding window.
  • First few days were unpleasant and mentally challenging.
  • But I got the hang of it by after 5 days.
  • Exercise and lots of water help magnificently.

After a month, I successfully got rid of snacking and eating maximum of two times a day.

The habit of delayed breakfast was easy to maintain that I manage to try healthier recipes for cooking.

Managed to attempt weekly and week-long vegetarian lifestyle. The protocol of fewer meals allowed me to have time to prep my meals without being overwhelmed by the volume of dishes. This coming year, I am incorporating more plant-based products in my diet.

So, here are some of the meal prep dishes I’ve made this week:


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