The past month was a little slow for me trying to reset some things. I can say I’ll be taking it even slower till the year ends.

But, I wanted to make a pace change for this channel, doing this a lil’ faster for some things that I wanted to share. All in the name of project calm.


One major aspect of the mess that needs addressing is the study. The furniture in it and the optimal use of its space.


Another, seemingly perpetual problem, is the inadequacy of “the wardrobe” and why sporadic retail therapy is NOT the answer. So I’m on a quest to find a workable solution.


A change that started a year ago, plateaus at one point.  But I’m nowhere giving up at the moment.

Mindful eating, intermittent fasting and fresh produce incorporating are some of the practices in need of a consistent evaluation and calibration.



So, back to this space.

The old set-up have always worked for both me and my partner, as we shared the room.

It has served me till late night coding deadlines. It allowed multiple machines to sit on a desk at one time, when necessary. And corners to place our plants, lay our drinks and meals (not to mention good views and light at times) But it has its fair share of helpless mess and tangles.


The plan is simple: reconfigure the room, furniture, and accessories to allow for maximum moving space and activity flexibility.

  • The old configuration has the 2 desks facing each other in the middle of the room and trash bins and walls are behind us. With the window to my right side.
  • Working tables are now up against the windows.
  • Corners are still catered for our tiny botanical whims.
  • Added a touch of concealment through this cable management box from Ikea.
  • Like before, I can still do a standing desk using the same foldable coffee table.
  • Drawers that I kinda wish weren’t there are now given wider opening as they don’t push me to the wall when I extend them out.
  • A workout is now permitted to take place, especially in the mornings when my husband sleeps in the next room.  Plus, it is roomier now to even park a tripod.
  • Having an extended width to my husband’s station also permit’s emergency resting space for anything.

Most of our current layout at home or in our rooms are not wrong.

Like many things in life, it takes time, wear & tear and a few bad days to realize that “something” isn’t right.  All of a sudden, space where productivity should be free-flowing is now preventing it. Discounting bad days the study or office room should be helping us get things done.

I think this current set-up,  like the last one, will eventually be insufficient for me, or I might upgrade it with an automated adjustment table for switching between sitting and standing. Maybe even move in to co-working space.

We’ll see.

I just hope for the adaptability of this configuration to the dynamism that life and work intertwined and the evolution they go through.

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