I invite you, to come along with me and try different ways to find or create a workable set of activities that you can do to alleviate or replace overthinking, restlessness or just grasping that tiny little period of productivity. And sustain it.

If you are into the arts, that’s perfect. If you are in design and tech industry, just as fabulous. There are 3 general areas or (or type of activities if you will) I believe I could find true peace of mind. OR at least moments of them. So here it goes.

1. Art as Therapy – you don’t have to be too tired to crave some soothing. maybe everyone needs a little patching up here and there. If you don’t mind a little rewind to being a child when you were just doodling, that could be enough. For some who watches videos all day, art is expressed in films or musicals waiting to be appreciated.

2. DIYs. It’s nothing new, it does a little more than saving some bucks. It can even cost more if your project doesn’t turn out well. especially if you end up buying the thing you’re attempting to make. while I totally get the sucky feeling of a burnt chiffon cake, I’d like to keep doing things myself rather than buying them if I can. I just lowered my caffeine intake, and I can’t wait to try making some tisanes and infuse herbal blends. I’m into soups and smoothies, bath bombs, candles… ahh, the self-care list is endless. (tea infusers, pan baking tools, coffee maker, coffee beans splattering) this and art therapy is what I hope this channel will be full of. Doing and creating are some of the best ways to zone out offline.

3. Literature. Most humbling of all, reading reminds you of the rich knowledge and wisdom we cannot summarise in a video clip. Even if it’s 2 hours long. A book can take you hours being lost in a utopia or a thriller, but you don’t finish a page turner wishing you picked up an abridged version. do you? You’re lucky if its a fiction with a sequel, Book lovers, you hear me. In addition,

4. Comprehensive product reviews. Keeping this section to few select products, I’d want to share pragmatic approach to sorting your mind out. More so in this digitally driven environment, we have created for ourselves. Ironically, the smartphone and your pc should have been making lives much simpler to tackle but no, navigating a menu bar can even take half a day if the interface is new. And  Ido have a lot of tech-related activities on a daily basis, so, if your lifestyle has the same volume of encounters with technology, we’ll try to flatten a common ground and attempt do things simply. and hopefully, live with less complexity.

I believe delving into these forms of endeavors naturally leads to:

1.) Unplugging – and by that I mean just getting off the phone, and putting on your hiking shoes, or driving your granny to take her out on a date. keeping your attention to how sleepy she gets right at noon without being disrupted by a meme that your friend just sent.

and (consequently)
2. Introspection – mastering oneself is a daunting task. The Weather, relationships even your skincare change, your Instagram feed refreshes in an instant. Facebook is like the heartbeat, pumping 24/7 of updates from everywhere, from everyone. It’s a catch-up game. But how do I make sure I go back to myself every day. By simply, but painstakingly looking into what really counts and what I can do about these things that are not exactly where they should be.

I’m thrilled to get started, and I just did. without realizing, I have unplugged and set off by writing myself another piece.

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