Title: Headspace

Author: Andy Puddicombe

Main Plot or Message:

Headspace, like its application name, is a book that started the modern meditation movement.

Headspace as popularly known is a term as mental state combining words “head” and “space”

Headspace is described by Puddicombe as “lying sense of peace, a feeling of fulfillment or unshakeable contentment, no matter what emotion might be in play at that time.  Headspace is not a quality of mind depended on surface emotions; this means it can be experienced just as clearly in periods of sadness or anger as it can in times of excitement and laughter.  Essentially it’s ‘being OK’ with whatever thoughts you’re experiencing or emotions you’re feeling.” p.23-24

The book goes beyond the introduction of meditation as we know it, by carefully stripping the religious and mystical elements and breaking down the daunting task of meditation by prescribing several ways to apply “meditation” and “mindfulness” in one’s daily routine. A big portion of the book spent on unique chronicles of both Puddicombe’s and others’ journey of seeking their Headspace.

Favorite Part:

Breaking down the mind training into three components made the concept of meditation feasible.




In each, Puddicombe breaks the components, even more, to make the daily meditation even more accessible. This way, meditation truly becomes part of everyone’s endeavor to be a better person by being mindful.  To do this, one has to start with self-awareness and recognition.

Writing Style:

I adore the first person, conversational fashion of writing in the book.  It delivers what the book promised.


I would definitely recommend this book to everyone who wants to start or who wants to bring their meditative game a notch higher.

Favorite Lines from the book: (hope this gets you to buy a copy!)

Page 17. The Science

In recent years events and have MRI technology together with sophisticated brain mapping software, has meant that neuroscientists am now able to observe the brain in whole new way. this means that they’ve been able to discover exactly what happens to the brain when learning to meditate and also some of the effects of long-term practice.

Page 45. On Sky

The sky is always blue.

Page 43. On Thoughts

Thoughts are autonomous, no amount of force could prevent them from arising.

Page 76. Engagement = Calm

Have you ever noticed how quiet the mind becomes when you really focus on something? How even if your mind is all over the place beforehand once you’re engaged in something you enjoy doing and are focused on that activity wholeheartedly the mind starts to settle feel calm.

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