My plan is simple.

Doing and keep doing what I do: consuming and creating pieces of art.  No matter how unperceivable the former and mediocre the result of the latter.  I am terrible at a lot of things I have started and tried getting better at.  There are too many of them:

  1. A pursuit of Self-Knowledge and Self-examination through literature and basking in nature
  2. Art Therapy (includes visual art such as drawing, photography, simple animations; music, performance art appreciation and crafts)
  3. DIY consumables that feed thy soul: teas, soups, bath bombs, aaah. The list is eternal.

Before we get started to the actual doing, I’d like to spin to what this space is not:

  1. It is not going to be a definitive guide on how to get out of funk, or be a better version of yourself in general.
  2. It is not a meditation guide (we have not even strictly defined calm yet, we don’t even know what it means).
  3. It is not a domain expertise source of any kind.

With that being laid down, we can now breathe in and breath out and get working.

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