The imposter syndrome cycle starts with any achievement-related task such as a writer’s novel or a clerk’s pile of reports.

imposter syndrome-02

Some monologue lines of procrastination include:

-College: “Writing these term papers suck.” (Two weeks after. Results are in. )

“Oh, I got an A? Sweet”

-At work: “I guess I’ll be winging again for these pitches.” “That was close.”

-At home doing ad hoc: “Oh, the laundry is waiting for me for weeks.” “I still have an hour to breeze through this.”

I began to see how screwed I was about 5 years ago.  I have been denying it and deluding myself that I’m perfectly happy at where I was and how I go about things.

My cycle is very consistent in carving the procrastination path for almost all of the achievement related tasks. It seems to aim

for me to be the champion of accomplishing absolutely nothing after implementing various skiving techniques


The question persists: Why start now?

The question begs: What took you so long?

Could it be plain delaying tactics? Could be worse.

Mid-Life crisis? I don’t think I even survived the quarter’s one.

I dread this process of unmasking, but vulnerability is necessary.

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