You may ask me, why start now?

And I’ll ask you back, why are you here?

I guess the answer to both could be the same.

Existentialist crisis.

Some may be acquainted with the idea or completely unaware, but for further reading, I recommend you go elsewhere.  Meantime, I’ll delve into all the rationales.   Feel free to hit command-w (ctrl-w) if that’s not your cup of tea.

Many believe that this one of the most interesting times.  I could easily agree, albeit I don’t believe you have to have reincarnated a certain number of cycles to say so.  It is an age of information bounty: a zeitgeist that opened up the world.  Except for a few territories, today’s internet made economies boundless and communication almost inexhaustible.

Streams of information have numerous entry points and the network is for you to take what is thrown out there and for you to dump your stake. Naturally, one inclination is to dive into the ocean of world wide web. Endless nautical miles of free content pooled from constant rains from the sky.  And I did take a dip.

Darkness has contaminated relationships.

The soak resulted to a mix of chain reactions leading to today.


  1. Currently, I will describe this phase as a state of purposelessness. It is probably rooted to what popular psychology points out as Impostor Syndrome or “Impostorism”. Self-esteem is at its sorest and the pain points are ubiquitous. The whole personal case study of its prominent segment will be laid out in the future.
  2. Being perpetually distracted, stimulated and interrupted dissolves all the traces of meaning from the present. While the emptiness is plowed by the minute spent on social media, news feed and an endless torrent of smartphone notification, my brain is brimming with a certain brew of lethargy.
  3. Needless to say, productivity has sunken. Prioritization of tasks has always been blurry pre-smartphone era but having too many virtual calendars today only made the planning and execution cleaving wider apart.
  4. Which then leads to overall dissatisfaction, fear of moving forward, self-doubt, and incomprehension of one’s true potential. This is enough to have complete perish of steadfast direction.

Causes of Nudge for Transcendence

  1. Need: Desperate to come out of the mental suffocation. It has become unsustainable to carry it every day.
  2. Desire: Realization of the better possibilities by merely living differently (although this only sounds easy).
  3. Destruction: Darkness has contaminated relationships. More appalling than the fading self-respect is the habitual abandonment of opportunities to be intimate with beloved ones: washing them away into oblivion.

I’ll begin tackling these amorphous matters today.  The picture appears ever more obscured.

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