Do you catch the definitive moments of serenity?  The sort that keeps your senses heightened for longer or activates an awareness of the present.

I don’t.  It probably happens sporadically but I’m pretty sure I have dismissed it as a “respite”, a “pause” or even a plain instance of “boredom”.

Equally bored with etymologies as with woo-woo credos manufactured to acquire your credit card digits, I find it necessary to define the aim of this endeavor.   Mainly here to probe the idea of “calm”, I will set to find my inclinations for having one, the factors that trigger and deter it.

Why “Calm”

I will get to further details in a bit but for now, I can say that I am not anywhere near any definition of calm there is out there.  Being uncertain of my own experience, a nagging thought exclaims: “Superficially, sure you are calm”.  In a tone that points out to situations like imminence of being sacked or during an interview for a mortgage approval.

blurry op1

But we are not to remain uninformed about this “virtuous” state that we all can have.

I say “we”, because I will drag you along.

Be warned: This will be a series of brain decluttering adhering to a regular schedule of rumination over even messier sundries.

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